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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

take WITH food.

 and he was all, 
"Are you calling me fat???"
dr. D was charmed by the baby man this morning.
it was the waving.
he always gets them with his waving trick.
and his fat rolls.
mindee and tangee {our favorite nurses} were swooning over his fat rolls.
at 21.1 lbs he was just half a pound shy of brennan's weight at 9 months.
except brennan was in the 90th percentile and chase is in the 50th.
he beat brennan in the height {75th}.
which leveled out his weight.
we grow 'em big in the gibson home.
with an almost clean bill of health,
he was branded with a poke and a lightening mcqueen band-aid, 
and off we went to collect our third round of antibiotics.
this time it only took ONCE to gather them from the pharmacy.
it appears double ear infections have taken a liking to chase ray.
and the tenants will just not be evicted.
whoever heard of antibiotics not working?
lots of people i guess,
just not me.
so i handed Tom the pharmacist my visa card for the $61.25 more for another milky white medicine.
and some probiotic chewable tablets he recommended. 
b/c the way we've been going through antibiotics over here, 
i am sure we could all use a few for each of us.
for awhile.
and what the heck, i didn't even get to bask in the excitement of how much i saved this time.
no savings listed on my receipt.
i am sure i saved something b/c Tom told me i did,
but we were late to get brennan from preschool, and i wasn't listening well.
let's be honest, it's never been a strong suit of mine.
which is why i went running back upstairs to shovel spaghetti into chase's mouth in his crib, 
b/c after i put him there the first time, 
i came back downstairs to find on a 
large yellow label on the bottle that read:
take WITH food.
and then i remembered that YEP, 
Tom the pharmacist did in fact tell me that through his pharmacy window.
see, i am GREAT at listening. 
or remembering.
{and he's crawling today. like REALLY REALLY crawling. like this morning he was just kind of crawling. more than saturday's 4 crawls. but this afternoon he was full on CRAWLING. i'm excited, but i know i shouldn't be. so i'll just be excited today. and maybe a little bit tomorrow still. maybe for the rest of the week. ok, i'll just let you know when i get un-excited. b/c now that he's doing it, i love it. i love it b/c i love watching his little chubby self move around my living room floor. and through the upstairs hall. with drool coming out of his mouth, and big excited noises when he gets to where he wants to go. i know it's crazy, 
but i'm just going to keep enjoying crazy. b/c crazy has made me pretty happy so far.}
tubes? did i hear you say tubes???
i'm sorry,
i wasn't listening:)


becca said...

aw sorry to hear Chase is feeling bad but wow what a chunky monkey and so cute i just want to squish him.

Sue said...

Hope this one works!


Amy said...

Yikes! Hope he doesn't have to have tubes, that is scary. Love the crawling. Even when they get into things it is still adorable.