"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

chase and the giant peach {giant alberta to be exact}

1. cut hole double the diameter on each side
{this took all of our mental power, trust me.}
with a depth even with the top of the tree's potted dirt.
{say that sentence 3x fast.}
{i even had to google it to make sure i wasn't mixing up my diameter and radius memories.
and then call the nursery again to make sure we had it right. 
i blame my three kids entirely. don't judge. i'm a product of my environment, HAHAHA!},
2. loosen roots out of bucket,
soak roots and dirt around roots with root stimulate.
3. mix two shovels of regular dirt with one shovel of compost fancy dirt.
4. DON'T COVER GRAPH at base of tree.
{"don't forget this," said trevor at wasatch shadows nursery.}
5. water by drip for 2-3 hours, 
more root stimulate around base of newly planted tree.
6. spray for peach bugs {can't remember their names} 
in 2 weeks, 
and again in 2 more weeks again.
{in a brand new spraying thing b/c it needs it's own spraying thing.}
this paper is like gold to me.
i scribbled it down at the checkout register with three sticky kids seated in shopping carts and at my feet.
i bought them each a sucker to suck on 
while i had trevor the tree specialist {future physical therapist} 
repeat all directions for care of our newly purchased peach tree.
they are oh so very patient over at wasatch shadows nursery.
go there.
you will love them.

chase was supervising.
so if it's a crooked peach tree,
we know who to blame.
i need a day to recover from the last four days.
and an entire bottle of ibuprofen.
it feels so good to work in the dirt.
and then take a long hot shower.
i finally had to scrub my feet with my foot stone to get them clean.
i'm ready for a tree full of peaches right now:)
patience is a virtue? 
i've always hated that saying. 
  millions of peaches, 
peaches for me!!!
{in 3-5 years}
{i officially give you my permission}
max has a sliver the size of texas in the pad of her ring finger.
credit card or tweezers?
my tomatoes haven't died yet.
in fact,
they look fantastic:)

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