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Thursday, May 30, 2013

pomp and circumstance

brennan graduated from preschool today.
i can't believe i'm going to be a REAL mom with a REAL kindergartner in the fall.
my favorite part of the year end program was watching brennan shake his bum next to eden, 
doing all of the pinky grabs, little hand movements,
and twists to the floor to the three different songs in spanish.
waving balloons on sticks to different parts of the songs.
26 preschoolers doing what looked like the cha-cha.
so SO cute.
{all three of my kids fought over the balloons on sticks for the rest of the night.
they were a BIG hit! balloons=magic. always.}
he's growing up.
i'm happy and sad about it.
and it feels so cliche,
but i can feel that my life is on the cusp of change.
it's almost palpable.
and i just keep reminding myself to savor every minute until it does.
b/c there's a shift a'comin'.
so strange.
     eden & brennan                                                                   cade & brennan
chase squawked at the balloon the entire time.
and pulled the stick off of the balloon about a hundred times.
max grandma hopped between grandma gibson and grandma carol.
my busy max,
back and forth:)
miss kim and brennan.
missing: miss jamie
miss kim & miss jamie:)
i feel like i might have strep again.
but whenever i have a sore throat i always think i might have strep first.
PTSD from last winter still.
i wanted to lay down on the floor of the park pavilion while we were watching 
brennan get his little preschool diploma.
i was so glad brennan picked to go to shave ice after.
my throat was so happy sucking down that deliciously flavored ice.
it's probably just a cold.
i have this super sexy raspy voice though.
yeah baby.
pass the NyQuil.
good night:)

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