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Friday, May 31, 2013

GNOMEO the 1st

on my dad's birthday the kids, sean, and i sent him the following message:
"dear grandpa, happy birthday!!! we hope you have a great day. every time we look at Coolie we think of you. we hope that you will think of us every time you see this present. we love you!!! 
love, emily, sean, b, max, and chase."
and what did we send you ask?
we picked out a fine present,
the most perfect present, 
for one of the world's best grandpa's!
a present to be delivered, wrapped, and ready from amazon.com.
a 10.6 inch statue garden grandpa gnome.
hand crafted from fiber glass and resin.
bringing a touch of storybook whimsy to your decor.
the kids have already named him 
i recommended they put him at their back door,
{the main coming and going location for them},
that they would think of us just as often as we think of them 
with our 6 foot Coolie looking at us in our living room each day.
i give you my dad's response.
"thank you for my gnome. {insert laughing here}
have you forgiven us for the bear yet?"
we waited in anticipation for where our sweet Gnomeo would find his home.
i received this picture and email from my dad last friday:
"he is happy to be at the lake. Dad."
banished to the lake house.
next year, i'm going to have to go bigger.
10.6 inches tall just doesn't look as big in real life.
i wonder if they make 6 foot tall gnomes?
isn't he the cutest little gnome you've ever seen?
stay tuned for slumbering gnome and strike sleeping gnome.
we are so excited for them to join the family soon.
we really have grown very fond of Coolie,
and i'm happy to say that he is officially part of the family,
but i just won't be satisfied until one of our Gnomeo's sits on the fireplace in the living room.
{there's nothing more entertaining than harassing your parents through online ordering:)}


Granny Sandie said...

We took the gnome to the lake so the kids could see it in July! I'm sure he will move around. Look for a present for Sean. On its way!!!!

Em said...

they are going to be SO excited to see him out:) i'm hoping you sent a 6 foot gnome our way.

Sue said...

We have a gnome ourselves, and we are quite fond of him...