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Sunday, May 26, 2013

letters to beth {garden planting & calling the president of the USofA}

dear beth,
at 1:33pm yesterday sean started rotatilling our dirt.
it was SO SO SO exciting.
max pulled up a chair for some good old fashioned front row viewing.
I JUST LOVE this time of year:)
we loaded up all of our beds with mulch {aka horse manure}, 
with the hopes of fertilizing {but not killing} all of our vegetables.
i have since been told that sometimes the manure can burn the new seedlings.
we were so excited about manure in our flower beds to keep down the weeds 
that we didn't really stop to think about anything else.
so i'm just hoping that if all of my hard work is going to die, 
that they will all die fast. 
b/c i think costco will still have tomato plants for sale by next weekend.
dear plants, if you're going to die, please die by next weekend.
or show signs of dying by next weekend.
i take it back.
don't die plants.
please don't die.
if all of my little seeds die, 
i will tearfully go hunting for replacement plants to buy. 
i hope they don't die.
more than anything,
i will just be devastated if i can't have garden tomatoes this summer.
this fall we will put the manure down in the back gardens so we don't have to worry about over fertilizing the garden for next summer.
to let all of the manure and such soak down into all of the salts. 
or something fancy like that.
that's what the lady at home depot told me on friday.
but she also reassured me that if we just mix up the dirt really well,
then we should be ok.
i love talking to people about gardening.
there's so much to learn.
hopefully we mixed it in well enough that they will live 
b/c every day for the last two months i have nurtured a good majority of the plants 
i planted yesterday afternoon,
and it would be sad to see them go.
as i was planting my corn last night i just couldn't help but think about how our society has it all wrong.
they pay entertainers the big money,
and you know what?
as i was leaning over my tiny corn kernels, dirt covering me all over, 
it came to me. 
farmers should be the multi-millionaires.
the amount of time and effort it takes to prepare, nurture, grow, and develop food should be more valuable than nba tickets and front row seats to whatever concert of so and so.
the food we put into our body.
INTO our bodies.
that's where the big bucks should be.
farmers and mothers.
so there you have it.
i'll phone the president immediately.


and school teachers.
farmers, teachers, and mothers.
we all get paid with stuff better than money.

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Amy said...

What a gorgeous garden you are going to have. I hope it doesn't die, too! Also I am learning all kinds of fun gardening tips from you, so thanks on that one.