"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 26, 2013

5 minute Jessie {trunk or treat}

5 minutes before the trunk or treat max told me she just HAD to be jessie.
not merida.
and i was like, 
"but remeeeeeemmmmbbbbeeerrrrr? you said you wanted to be merida:)"
big encouraging smile on my face,
pointing the turquoise green merida costume
that is hanging on the back of the kitchen table chair.
and she was all,
"i just want to be jessie. i looooove jessie."
red sparkle boots already on,
hat sitting on top of her head.
sad little face,
yearning for her halloween trunk or treat dream costume of jessie.
and so i thought,
ok emily,
you can do this.
yellow paper, red pen, white shirt, jeans.
5 minutes later i had a jessie costume on max,
with a great big smile.
and i'm pretty sure my awesome 5 minute costume making skills 
may have just set a standard i most definitely did not want to set.
but for now, 
i will just relish in all of my awesome 
5 minute costume making skills.
and in case there are halloween weather gods,
i'd like to ask them to
please let it be not too freezing on halloween.
thank you.
love, emily
with an E.

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