"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

autumn's front porch.

-thursday ocotober 17th, 2013-
the falling leaves delivered us onto autumn's front porch, 
like sipping cider 
on a wooden rocking chair
with a field 
of pumpkins 
at our 
it was like some kind of paradise
that you only see in the movies,
or a martha stewart magazine.
and i just felt like the luckiest person alive.
 and then they did that about 20 more times in a row.
but my favorite part of the entire hour 
was the ten minutes where brennan and i laid under that beautiful tree.
looking up into its leaves.
i told him that if he laid there with me,
still as still could be,
it would be good luck if a leaf fell on him.
as long as it fell there without either of us moving.
just straight down from the sky on top of us.
so we laid there,
and max and chase would come and go,
and he and i would not move a muscle,
and the wind would blow,
and the leaves would sift themselves from the limbs to the lawn,
and then ever so often,
some would fall right into our hands.
or brush us across our faces.
or miss us right at the very last minute,
when we were sure one was going to fall right on top of us.
and brennan would giggle and belly laugh next to me,
and we wouldn't move,
we would just lay still as still could be.
except when chase wanted to body slam us.
or when we caught the lucky leaf.
and then when we came inside to put chase to bed,
two black spiders jumped off of my coat in two different places of the house,
one on my bed, and one on the stairs,
and i was glad that we were done playing in the leaves for the day:)

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