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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

"i wish i was batman." -brennan {THE CATS}

-friday october 18th, 2013-
looking up at the stars in the hot tub our last night,
brennan closed his eyes as tightly as he could, 
and with all of his 5 year old might he whispered,
"i wish i was batman."
and then he opened his eyes,
thinking none of us had heard.
with a secret in his smile.
you know,
the kind where you are the only one on the planet 
that knows what you're thinking right at that very moment.
and you're just so excited to know what you know,
that you can't help but smile it to everyone around you.
because it's just so so good of a secret to have with yourself.
except we all knew,
but he didn't think we knew.
top 5 brennan moments of his entire life.

 and then came the on board entertainment...
dancing cats.

sean: "brennan, what was your favorite part of the train?"
brennan: "THE CATS."
 and then we all had a good hard laugh.
because it just wasn't what we had expected him to say.
and then we hot tubbed until after 10,
and put the kids to bed late.
and of course everyone still woke up before 8,
but it was so totally worth it;)

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Sue said...

What a fun train ride. And the look on Chase's face cracks me up.