"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, October 25, 2013

if only the slide had more sacks {cornbelly's}

5 hours later,
we finally decided 
to call it a day.
thank you cornbelly's for your good graces to us another year in a row.
max especially appreciated the cow's name she picked having her name,
spelling and everything.
which we didn't figure out until halfway through the ride.
chase could have played in the rocks all day and been a happy man,
and brennan wanted to stay at the slide with the potato sacks the entire time.
except, i wish it had more sacks.
population control.
i ate the most amazing hand dipped corndog,
roasted corn on the cob,
homemade curly fries,
and fresh squeeze lemonade of my entire life.
if i close my eyes right this very minute 
i can almost imagine the first bite of that corn dog all over again.
that's what chase kept saying.
he didn't move an inch while the piggies went round and round.
until brennan decided to sit in his lap.
and then he started putting rocks down brennan's back.
served him right.
that's what i said.
the corn stalks made me feel like i was in a halloween fall dreamland,
and i kept looking over my shoulder for the cold air coming in.
but it just never came.
goodbye warm weather.
you were good to us.

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