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Sunday, January 5, 2014

1:24am again

our christmas tree is still up.
i plan to keep it up until the thing dies.
{except i might be convinced to take it down on friday solely b/c then we can drop it off at the park for free christmas tree removal, instead of leaving it on the side of our house until may again like last year.}
but if i am not talked into taking it down on friday,
then i hope i will be able to keep it up and alive until june!
because having it up,
with the lights all aglow,
is making my house feel less like january,
and more like a calm december.
a calm december which i did not have i might add.
which makes it all the more enjoyable in januray.
despite the inversion and cold of january.
amidst another bout of barfing that hit brennan at 1:24am last night.
january really is my least favorite month anyway,
and the longest month of the entire year,
or at least it feels that way,
as obviously there are other months that end in 31 days,
which i will not recount,
because it would require me to count the knuckles on my hand,
and well, then i wouldn't be able to type.
second to august, which is my second least favorite month,
but at least august has sunflowers to brighten it up.
and now,
january has a christmas tree and lights to brighten our home up with it.
and to think i thought all of the laundry was done for the night!
i really have been meaning to wash his comforter for quite awhile.
but i'm telling you,
walking up and down the stairs carrying load after load of barfed on bedding and clothing,
while sean bathed brennan for the second time in one night,
and max laid herself in our bed after all of the excitement,
it was just not as bad because the christmas lights were still turned on,
and the tree was still up.
and it made the barf not as depressing,
although barf is always depressing,
and it made me gag more times than i would like to recount.
also, it snowed yesterday.
and that made it great too. 
because you know,
the tree and lights are still up:)

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Amy said...

Poor boy! It seems you are getting hit hard with sickies this year. It is true, though, the Christmas lights and snow just make this month somehow magical, even though it is a cold, bleak (albeit snowy!) January.