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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

christmas {fever} day

brennan woke up with a fever.
we held the kids off in our bedroom with a christmas movie for half an hour until the motrin kicked in.
it spruced him right up for a couple of hours of presents.
the poor kid didn't even want to go downstairs when he came into our room at first.
there's nothing sadder than a kid with the flu on christmas.
sore throat.
achy body.
runny nose.
it came on just as we were putting him to bed on christmas eve,
was the worst on christmas day,
and wiped him out for the entire day after.
the rest of the day he layed on the couch watching movies,
and he declared that honey i shrunk the kids was his new favorite.
i drank tom and jerry's out of the cutest christmas mug i've ever seen {thank you lindi} most of the day.
my favorite part is the bun on the back.
it's the most ginormous thing,
and holds more liquids than you could possibly imagine.
chase loved his fireman raincoat the best,
as you will see in the photo below.
and the skylanders and princesses worked together to save the day with chase's firetruck.

max entranced with her 
ballerina jewlery box.
the boys fighting crime.
brennan at his post 
on the couch.
after christmas dinner at grandma carol's.
we were sooooo tired.
and brennan's 2nd dose of motrin had worn off.
poor chap.
a week later i found my kitchen counter.
and it was a beautiful beautiful thing to find:)
i stood there admiring it for 5 minutes.
i almost forgot what it looked like all cleared off.
at least no one was puking.
at least not on christmas day.

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Amy said...

That is the absolute worst. Poor boy. I was sick on Christmas once and I still remember how miserable I was. It looks like a fun day for everyone else, though. And Max's hair! It's short!!!