"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

experts of girls {convo's with cade & brennan}

while eating apples 
and jumping off of 
my coffee table 
onto coolie, the 6 foot bear, 
the following conversation occurred between two 5 year olds...
brennan: i went to girl world, and they taught me how to be experts of girls. 
i know more about girls than you. really i do.
cade: no, i'm experts of girls.
brennan: all the girls of the whole world know me though. and they all love me too.
cade: ok ok they love you, but they love me too. they're in love with both of us. 
but we won't ever let them come here because then they will try to kiss us.
brennan: we DON'T want them to kiss us. not even our sisters. 
just our moms 'cause they're our moms and they can do stuff like kiss us.
cade: yeah yeah just our moms. cause we love them.
{chase's new favorite game: riding brennan like a horse. trust me, it's mutually loved.}


Amy said...

Good heavens, I have been away from your blog so long, I hardly recognized Chase! He is HUGE!

What funny things, boys are!

Sue said...

Those two boys have some funny conversations!