"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 11, 2014

the skinny red one sprayed snow in your face.

after kindergarten got out yesterday:
16 gloves,
8 coats,
8 hats,
8 snow pants,
16 boots,
6 sleds,
and a partridge and a pear tree.
my favorite sled is the penguin,
but you're not supposed to be over 60lbs to ride on it,
which i remembered about halfway down the mountain with chase on my lap,
so i clenched up my body really stiff like
for the rest of the way down,
hoping that would make me feel like 60lbs to the sled.
it didn't pop,
so it must have worked:)
and it was the smoothest ride my bum felt all day long.
i so badly wanted to tempt fate and do it all over again,
but i couldn't bear to face it popping again like last year,
and being left with no penguin for anyone to ride,
so chase and i tried out every other sled there.
the blue one made you spin round and round like the tea pots,
and worry that you were going to tip over and bonk your head.
the shark one wasn't really a shark,
but it kind of looked like a shark,
because the writing on it looked sharky to me.
the green one went the furthest,
especially with two kids on your lap.
and skinny red one always sprayed snow in your face because your boots fell off the sides all the way down.
chase said "WHEEEE" every time.
even the time when we went down on the skinny red one,
and my boots and his boots sprayed snow in our faces.
nobody whined.
nobody got hungry.
nobody cried.
nobody had to go pee.
or poo.
it was warm.
it was cloudy.
there was no wind.
and everybody ran up the hills with their own sleds,
with smiles on their faces
in january.
even with the christmas tree gone from our big room.
who knew it could be?
i have never had so much fun with my kids in my entire life.
and max woke up this morning asking what time we were going sledding again today:)
zippidy doo dah, zippidee ay,
my oh my,
what a wonderful wonderful day.

1 comment:

jen said...

This is what I miss about winter.

But it NEVER turns out this way. They always get cold or have to pee or get hurt or wet or something.

I'm glad you got to have that idyllic sledding experience I always picture.