"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

like Pollyanna herself couldn't have been more glad {part 3}

so we cranked the heater in the house up to NINETY.
turned on all of the fans again,
and prayed for a miracle.
i have never been so hot in my entire life.
when the flooring installers showed up i could see in their faces they didn't want to come into my home.
it was stifling hot.
and not just for a pregnant lady.
so i explained to them that we had a little bit of water drip onto the floor last night and we were just trying to really get things nice and dried out,
and could they just start the flooring at the other end where they entry was?
please please please please pretty pretty please.
this is what i was thinking in my head.
they said ok,
i jumped for joy and did flips inside my head.
outside i stayed totally calm and collected.
i was soooo unbelievable cool about it.
so then i held my breath hoping that would give the floor in the kitchen enough time to dry out before jaren came by to see the progress of the installation.
i was feeling like naked eve in the garden of eden guys.
cause i ate the fruit and lied about it.
we turned off the heater so the installers didn't have to die from heat exhaustion,
i shipped my little kids out to a neighbor,
and i spent the morning outside to avoid the sweat box which was my house.
my cousin jaren showed up a couple of hours later,
laughed at how i had hidden the second flood from him,
and told me it wasn't a big deal at all,
and that they could put floors down on the pretty much dried out mdf no problem.
i laughed and confessed all my sins,
and still felt a little bit sheepish.
i was desperate for flooring guys!
and not thinking clearly.
pregnant lady not thinking clearly.
who had been living in 1st world chaos for the last 72 hours.
caused by a sprinkler in a metal box in the middle of my kitchen.
so they finished off the flooring that day,
and we moved our kitchen table and refrigerator back into place,
and i felt like everything was gonna be ok again.
and also,
i was really glad that there wasn't carpet under my kitchen table anymore:)
like Pollyanna herself couldn't have been more glad kind of glad about it.
man, i just wish it wouldn't have been after we had paid to finish our entire basement.
cause that hurt a little bit.
and made it not nearly as much fun.

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