"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 22, 2015

2 months of walmart supplies so i can make it 10 more days.

pregnancy is temporary,
and for that i'm so very grateful:)
because right now, 
there aren't enough pillows on the planet to help me get any kind of sleep.
after dr Nielson checked me today and gave me the good news,
he laughed a little bit when i told him june 13th would really be most convenient,
'cause ya know, my body is on its merry way!
now before we all get too excited,
i'd like to note that i'm usually more in labor than people who are actually in labor for the next 3 weeks, historically speaking that is.
and then i don't go into labor until i'm induced,
and then i'm so progressed when i go in to do that,
that with a little pitocin, epidural, and water breaking,
i've got a baby in my arms in 4 hours or less.
it's awesome.
i love this amazing body of mine.
god bless it.
because if there's one thing to excel at in life,
i've decided child birth tops the charts.
wouldn't it be weird if i actually WENT into labor though???
i sat there today on the clinic table listening to dr Nielson go through the rules of when you should come in, how to tell if you're in labor, blah, blah, blah, blah,
and then it hit me, that i probably wouldn't know what to do if i actually WENT into labor.
and maybe i should listen up for two seconds.
and then i kind of tuned out because i started thinking about how isn't that so weird where i'm having a 4th baby and i don't know what it's like to do such a thing?
and by the time i started listening again he was asking me if i had any other questions,
and i was like nope, let's plan for 7am on june 13th:)
and then on the way home, i decided i was better to be safe than sorry,
and i bought up 2 months worth of deodorant, sunscreen, allergy medicine, 
and johnson and johnson baby supplies at walmart. 
because there's no better method of NOT going into labor than being ready. 
so this weekend i'm gonna be getting ready.
and next weekend i'm gonna be getting ready.
and then once june 1st hits i'll be happy as a clam and all ready,
and by the time i'm having another over 9lb baby on june 13th 
with my normally scheduled 39 week induction, 
i'll probably be cursing my words,
and wishing i would have not gotten ready 
and that he would have come early;)
but until then,
not yet little man,
i need 10 more days.

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