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Sunday, May 17, 2015

the story of when our dishwasher flooded our kitchen and the new basement ceiling {there's PARTS}

if you like my stories,
you're gonna love this.
cause there's PARTS.
parts guys.
that's all i'm saying.
here we go...

the basement got finished.
it smelled like new carpet,
and paint.
and it was amazing.
i made the bed in brennan's new room.
it was a sunday.
i started the dishwasher that night around midnight and went to bed feeling like i could see the light at the end of the tunnel.
we were there!
and i could hardly wait to get my little nesting paws on the house.
the next morning,
sean came downstairs to do paperwork at about 5:30am
when i came downstairs two hours later to get brennan ready for school he told me the news.
very calmly.
there were lots of towels on the floor.
that's what i remember seeing first.
i freaked out.
mostly when he told me it had leaked down into the ceiling of the basement.
brennan's room to be exact.
and then the more we investigated the more we realized it was more than just wiping up the floor we were going to be dealing with.
wet carpet out into the dining area.
bowed up laminate flooring from one end of the kitchen to the other.
and the brand new beadboarded island dave had done two days before had to be ripped out all the way around the bottom.
oh, and it wasn't just one night of flooding, it was at least three.
this is what we gathered from the discovery of the base around the island that sean then remembered he saw water marks on saturday night when he was vacuuming.
the carpet under the kitchen table:)
and then i remembered that i had found the dishwasher hadn't run fully through on friday,
and wasn't that weird at the time???
but now it was making all of this sense.
and everything was coming together like this giant puzzle of leaking water mess.
so we called our water dryer restoration guy.
and i called the rc willey people,
and the fans and dryers and dehumidifiers and appliance guy flooded {no pun intended} our home that monday and tuesday morning.
after 3 days of brennan's basement room being heated to 90*F and an appliance man who spent 2 hours watching our dishwasher NOT leak a single drop of water, and sean and i laying on the kitchen floor for 2 hours watching our dishwasher with flashlights underneath while it ran NOT leaking a
it was determined that new floors had to go in,
and we were just going to have to have the appliance man come back out.
{actually i laid there with him for half an hour which was about 30 min too long for my heavy with child self.}
the next morning the rc willey people called and said there was nothing they could do where they found nothing wrong,
and that's when my desperation really hit rock bottom.
it's possible i MAY have lost it a bit on the phone.
i wasn't mean,
i didn't swear,
i just explained to michelle quite desperately that i have an entire kitchen floor being replaced and a basement ceiling that has flooded in saying that there IS in fact something wrong with it,,
and if they aren't going to send someone back out to fix this then i needed to know where to start sending all of these flood bills to because i wasn't going to just sit here and let my house keep flooding from a dishwasher that CLEARLY has something wrong with it.
she put me on hold to ask for a supervisor,
and i stood there feeling very irrational and a little out of breath,
and then she came back on the line and caught me off guard when she said they had decided they would replace my old dishwasher with an upgraded new one,
and when would i like that installed?
i stumbled over my words for a minute,
told her i wasn't expecting that and thank you very much,
and felt a little embarrassed for getting so worked up,
then i scheduled a time for the new dishwasher to be installed,
and wondered if maybe they were the ones that got off ahead by just giving me a new dishwasher.
cause man they offered that up pretty fast.
{my mama's tied and true tested method for dishwashing without a dishwasher. soapy water all day folks. just keep adding them in. then rinse at the end of the day, and dry overnight. one week of that was plenty for me to want a sprinkler in a box back in my kitchen again.}

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