"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, May 21, 2015

send reinforcements {or sonic ice--CLOSET REDO}

there's a blue dog with a binky on the shelf up there.
between the bin of legos and a stack of blankets.
can you see it?
chase was bound and determined to get it.
but I prevailed.
mom-1 point
chase-5 million points
i think we're making progress on this house which has catastrophies around every corner.
brennan's window well tried to flood on us again this week.
which meant sean was at home depot at 9:30pm on monday night after we wrestled all of the alligators into their beds, where he bought a 10 foot black ribbed tube to reroute the downspout off of the house until further notice.
it is currently still laying out across my flower beds and into the grass,
and i fully plan on planting my garden around it.
my children can smell that i can't move right now or enforce anything.
it's rough. REAL rough.
everything i do revolves around a bribe.
it's pretty awesome.
who wants to get in the car for a fruit snack?
want a bag of popcorn?
pick up the toys:)
if you go outside i will give you a popsicle.
it's just what 36 weeks pregnant is all about,
and i have absolutely no shame about it.
i only won this battle of the binky above out of sheer mc hammer can't touch this method.
the illusion of control, that's what we're fostering over here in the gibson home currently,
send reinforcements.
or sonic ice.
i give you...
drum roll 
would you look at that stuffed animal happiness over there?
also shown: Elsa, the doll that scares me in the night. freaky real. 
especially when you're coming around the corner.

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