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Monday, May 18, 2015

smack yourself in the face stupid {part 2}

to save ourselves $350 sean and his dad decided to rip up the flooring and subflooring after the kids went to bed wednesday night themselves.
who gets brand new flooring three days after a flood you ask?
a gal with family in the flooring business.
who had a cancellation in their schedule at the last minute,
and some pretty sweet flooring to pick from in the warehouse that didn't need to acclimate to a utah climate that's not georgia.
did you know that about wood?
it has to sit in your house before you install it?
because it expands and stuff.
or something.
so we threw all of our major appliances and kitchen table onto the carpet in the big room,
and everything on the floor in the pantry up onto the divider between the kitchen and the big room,
tried to put the kids to bed early,
which BY THE WAY was a total disaster.
of course.
chase wouldn't GO to bed.
might have been that 3 hour nap i let him take earlier that day,
which was such a good idea during,
but such a bad idea at 8:30pm that night.
like he climbed out of his bed about 10 times in the span of 5 minutes,
and after my big old belly couldn't lift him back in
and i didn't have any threats i was actually willing to anti-up and follow through on any more,
i yelled UNCLE!,
waved the white flag,
and brought him to the top of the stairs with me to watch the show.
then i gave him benedryl and waited for it to kick in.
sometime around 10:30pm he finally conked out.
during that time,
brennan licked max in her bed so she couldn't go to sleep,
max hit brennan because he licked her so HE couldn't go to sleep,
and so basically no one went to sleep that wednesday night,
and i was just really grateful the 4th gibson was quietly restrained inside of my belly
because lord knows i didn't handle myself very well in any shape or form.
not my finest mothering hour.
it wasn't pretty.

{would you check out that sweet vinyl the previous owners laid laminate RIGHT on top of? good riddance. never have i ever felt so happy to say goodbye to something in this house.}
{check out all of the lovely black mold that had been growing between the laminate and the vinyl for what appears to be a VERY long time. like WAY longer than before the flood.}
 {REMEMBER THIS PICTURE ABOVE. it will live in flood stupidy infamy.
particularly i want you to notice the water alarm. sitting on the counter:). the little white square box.
with the red dot on top. yeah that one. ON TOP of the counter. 
yep. cause we are JUST that smart folks.}
{sometime after midnight my father in law and i took an oreo break and he told me how these are the times in life that we will look back on and remember with fondness. we cheered to that.}
at 2am the last nail was pulled,
and all of the old laminate, vinyl, and subfloor had been hauled out to the side of the house.
we all staggered off to bed feeling so accomplished from a job well done,
and then we woke up 
the next morning to THIS:
what are you looking at you ask?
the intake water hose that had un-duck taped itself from the sink AND REFLOODED THE KITCHEN AND BASEMENT CEILING while we all peacefully slept.
sometime between 2am when we went to sleep and 7:30am when we woke back up.
that's when the tape unstuck.
because when we uninstalled the dishwasher we found that the original flood may in fact have just been caused a leaky hose,
that dripped even when the water valve was turned off.
imagine the damage it could have caused when it was on full blast running a dishwasher.
like maybe it could have flooded an kitchen and a brand new basement ceiling?
just a theory...
especially since the second flood showed it's pretty little face in the EXACT same place as the first flood.
well the drip drip drip did plenty the second time it flooded as well.
because when it came untaped, 
it reflooded the whole D**N floor and the basement ceiling again too.
and i just felt STUPID.
i yelled for sean who was still asleep in bed,
and i'm pretty sure i swore a lot,
mostly because i kept asking myself
why didn't we put something on that hose to hold it in place if the duct tape untaped?!
i remember thinking about it the night before for about 2.5 seconds, but being too tired to really be all that worried about it.
but mostly i just felt stupid that the water alarm was none other than
yep, mmmhmmm.
smack yourself in the face stupid.
because that little drip drip drip did so much that all of the drying out we did to avoid cutting into the basement ceiling was basically worthless.
when my contractor dave and frank the water restoration guy cut a hole in the basement ceiling that thursday morning i cried.
and then i started having an anxiety attack about how we had flooring that was supposed to be going in two hours from now, 
you know, on top of the SUPPOSED TO BE DRIED OUT wood floor 
and how my cousins said they were booked three weeks out,
and was this going to mean we were going to have to live like this with all of our major appliances in the big room, everything from the pantry on top of the go between,
and mdf WOOD floor {not the kind i had in mind} everywhere for the next 3 weeks until they had another opening???
like was i going to go into labor and still be living like this?
this is what i was thinking that morning the dishwasher hose flooded the kitchen and the basement ceiling for a second time.
that's what she said.

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