"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

reckoning time {kind of like coffee i guess}

chase is my slowest waker upper.
i've never seen a child love to nap like him either.
if i let him, he would go 3 hours every day.
it is his full time life's hobby i tell you.
this of course is just not conducive to going to bed at any sort of normal time of the night now that he is 3 {even 6 months ago he would nap for 3 hours and then sleep another 12 starting at 8pm at night. it was a good long beautiful ride my friends. BEAUTIFUL beautiful ride.}.
so now every day i put this little baby man down for a nap in the crib he loves {b/c we just haven't had time to get the toddler bed crib put together with all of our flood catastrophes--it IS on the list. the long list. it's just that it's at the bottom of the list b/c it's a non catastrophe issue. you know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it non catastrophe list. that one.} 
so anyway,
every day after about an hour or an hour and a half i go into his little cowboy room,
complete with all of max's hair bows.
i turn off the fan,
open the curtains,
and crack the blinds.
and then for about half an hour he lays awake in his bed,
just slowly waking up,
while i rock in the nursing chair we put together for the littlest gibson who's about to change us all.
sometimes the house is quiet.
sometimes it's loud with neighborhood kids or max and brennan fighting after school.
it's the slowest part of our day right now,
and i treasure it.
the afternoon sun comes in,
or lately, the rain pounds the windows from outside.
sometimes i sing to him, rocking in my chair.
or i ask him which cowboy or horse picture is his favorite--anything to engage his little peepers open.
usually he yells at me to stop,
and to go away b/c he's not done "sweeeeping!!!"
he always switches laying from one side to another at some point.
he will sit up,
then lay back down at least once,
just trying to decide if it's worth it to him to leave the binky behind and get out of his bed for the rest of the night.
finally when he's fully awake he's climbs out of his little crib,
comes over and yells at me to "GET UPPPP!!!!" like i'm the one he's been waiting on the entire time,
and then we go downstairs,
get his sippy full of milk,
and i take on homework, dinner, and the balancing act of neighborhood friends in and out of our door until bath time.
it's the part of my day where i look myself in the eye and say,
you can do it em.
you're in the home stretch!
a daily reckoning of sorts.
some days i need it more than others.
but every day i need it still the same.
if we don't have time for it,
hell hath no furry like a chase that doesn't get to wake up slow.
it messes with my reckoning time,
and that just ain't pretty either.
usually we cope with suckers,
and peanut butter scoops,
and trips to grandma's house and stuff like that on those days.
kind of like coffee.
i guess.

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