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Thursday, May 28, 2015

THE burning skin belt.

{almost 37 weeks}
every night i put my icy cold bottle of smart water on what i've lovingly deemed 
"the burning skin belt."
and then i let it sit there for 20 minutes of relief until i feel nothing but cold numb skin.
it's glorious.
sometimes in the middle of the night lately i wake up and have to do it then too.
b/c the skin there is just BURNING SO TIGHT!
like i feel like my skin is going to rip.
but it's numb.
except it hurts.
it hurts so badly it's numb.
do you know?
i've had this with every single one of my babies.
the only other person i've ever heard of having this is my very own mother.
any other burning skin belts out there?
bueller? bueller?
it doesn't even go away after.
numb forever.
but the burning does stop.

1 comment:

Amy Involuntary said...

That is such an interesting malady. Is it forever numb after you have a baby? Thank heavens for smart water relief!