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Sunday, May 24, 2015

IN like FLYNN {the garden of 2015}

sean's cousin tiffany 
{we joke she's MINE b/c i see her more than he does} 
came up last thursday to help my heavy with child self get our garden in the ground.
god bless tiff!
it was sunny and the redheads all needed sunscreen.
she's a redhead.
her little boy is a redhead.
and then there's my redhead.
so with our three of our preschool aged children 
we passed out bowls of seeds 
and told them which holes and little trenches to drop them THEIR seeds into them.
after about twenty minutes of that
tiff and i sent them all off to the tramp and sandbox 
and spent the next half an hour thinning out the corn they planted all in one row, 
to make it become corn of four rows.
all over some good old fashioned girl talk.
{we were having such a ball in fact, that at the end tiff was making pb&j's for the road for my kids while i was SCRAMBLING to get max in hair and makeup for her dance pics in 15 min flat. 
great team effort believe me YOU, and all thanks to tiff we made it. phew.}
tiffany is my go to garden EXPERT, so i love having her around this time of year,
helping me decide where the sun is going to hit the right stuff the best, 
and what parts of the day it's going to do it.
we did edgy things this year like planted pumpkins into the grounds without their little mounds,
and didn't soak our corn seeds the night before.
stuff like that.
just to see if it even really matters.
i'm telling you, we are garden ladies that live on the edge.
the most scandalous thing that happened in my garden this year though 
is the {ehem} kale/broccoli plant.
let me whisper this next part, because apparently,
last summer when i planted the broccoli next to the kale,
they got a little naughty down under the dirt,
without ANY of us knowing,
and have now rebirthed as the kaleBROC,
as i've started to call it.
usually i would have pulled my kale plant out with the rest of the garden in the fall,
but this year was so warm that it just kept producing WELL into december, so i left it there.
then when we had a week of winter after christmas,
and 7 days of a frozen tundra,
it finally turned brown,
and i just never got around to pulling it out.
well, to my surprise, sometime in february, i don't know really,
it started back producing kale again,
and throughout the spring i've watched it become a full blown kale producer!
let me tell you, i was bursting with gardener's pride over this entire thing.
never will i pull a kale plant ever again!
then, with what did my wondering eyes did appear 
over the last month but BROCCOLI sprouting out of its top.
i know, i know,
i can barely believe it myself.
and all going on in my very OWN yard without me knowing it.
their roots did the tulsa tickle all secret like under there,
and gave birth to this amazing little red headed green headed illegitimate garden child.
ladies and gentlemen,
i give you...
kale at the bottom,
broccoli coming out the top.
it's like the mullet of garden produce i say.
{insert angel choir singing here.}
stay tuned this summer for this excitingly new cross pollination 
of the most unexpected of couples!
to be continued...
i'm so ready for juicy ripe tomatoes, towering sunflowers, 
slip and slides and baby pools, and 500 Popsicle sticks all over my grass,
i can almost taste it:)

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