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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

also on our walk...

"moooo," said the cows.
(our neighbors down the street have cows. we ALWAYS stop to say "moo." they know us now and walk over to us if they are semi-close)
i think they like brennan more than meeeeee.
his face still gets a bit nerVous when they first walk over, but he squeels with excitement at least once!
then we just sit quietly and stare at eachother.
then B and i leave for the rest of our walk. this is my view of the two boys in the stroller (B and Hurley, that is)

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Buckeye Nut said...

Zoe and Sierra Webster walk by them on the way home from school everyday. They have loving named one of the cows "Mary Moo Cow" and try to feed them grass or flowers from our side of the fence. For some reason they don't seem to say anything when "Mary" changes from black to brown.