"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, October 20, 2008

dear sean,

i will write you a love letter as well, since you look so alone on my recliner chair! i've missed you SO much all day long. i want to jump up and scream when you come home (for more reasons than helping with brennan). i get excited when you walk through the door and miss you the minute you are gone. watching you play with brennan is such a joy in my life. you are the greatest dad! i am proud to be your wife! i am proud that you are brennan's dad. seeing you with brennan makes me want to have a gazillion more babies, but not all at once b/c i don't think they make an epideral for that...i'm so sorry you stubbed your little pinky toe on the island in our kitchen tonight and can't wait to watch amazing race with you later. i love that you gobbled up my cheese manicotti AND then did the dishes!!! i love you, i love you all over the place, i love you i love, especially your face. AND no, i will not read this letter to you now. you'll have to check the blog on your own. ha!

love, em


webster said...

Hey so i found two differnt cook books with the same author and title, do you have one that has a dad, mom, and little boy or the one that has a mom and little girl in like a field??

webster said...

sorry i put that in the wrong section