"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i'm a cat with 9 lives

how do any of us survive being a baby? a teenager!!?? yesterday brennan launched himself into the corner of the hall wall b/c he forgot AGAIN that he doesn't know how to crawl, poor kid! sometimes while lying awake in bed, listening to my husband snore, i shudder at the memories of childhood and adolescent accidents (many of which i'd like to forget). for instance, at 18 i used one of my nine lives by crashing my '89 maroon honda civic (with tinted windows 'cause i'm a thug, haha) on good ol' highway one in half moon bay, ca. my little car, thankfully not an suv, went underneath a 5 ton flatbed truck and slammed into a tree. how did i not die? how were dad and sandie able to drive me home from standford trauma that night to sleep in my own bed? how did i only have a bloody nose and some bruising? a loving heavenly father must have known that i had so much more living to do. i will be forever grateful. i was MADE to be a MOTHER and WIFE. i have never been happier, and despite the challenges of being a young mother and poor, i feel RICH because i really do have it all. it all sounds so cliche, but i can't keep myself from smiling all day long (on most days that is--sometimes around 6pm i'm not smiling b/c brennan is screaming his head off). my life is full of imperfection, but it is PERFECT for me. i have been given nine lives to make it to this point. i KNOW i am changing the world by being a mother, and i want to do everything i can to help others feel the same way (no matter what path of life they choose for themselves). i have found that i am happiest when i am helping others. i have more of a desire to focus on the positive things in life...less of a desire to gossip, criticize, belittle, etc. what a joy life can be.


The Gist Family! said...

Hi Emily!

I am with you. I have always told my kids that no matter how much money we do or don't have we are absolutely rich in the love that we have in our family and rich in our testimonies of the Gospel. And that is what really matters. Although it will be nice to live above ground again someday.

P.S. Will you really help me make my blog cute?

emily said...

of coarse!!! if you'll give me your username and password i can do it tonight from my house! let me know, or i can come over during the day with brennan if you have time and are home. i love day dates, but i am wondering if you are busy with work:-) ?

webster said...

Hey so i found two differnt cook books with the same author and title, do you have one that has a dad, mom, and little boy or the one that has a mom and little girl in like a field??

Gilbert Family said...

i totally remember visiting you at your house after your accident and seeing your bruise from your seat belt. you were saying how on the ambulence ride you were praying that whole time. you have such an amazing example of faith. youre so great!

The Nielsens said...

oh I remember that night! My mom got off the phone and told me you had been life flighted to stanford. Scary :( We sure are glad that all ended well! Sometimes I can't believe how much Blake gets hurt and it makes me so sad. He's had his fair share already...just shows you how much you love them when they need some comforting!