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Saturday, October 25, 2008

p-fest, utah style

raddest pumpkin ever. reasons why i LOVE this pumpkin:
1. it is green and orange
2. it has a handle with lots of stuff on it
3. it is tall and skinny
baby celebrity--brennan r. gibson
STATS: 22.5 lbs, over 25 in. long, milk addict, 8 mo. old
mom: brennan, how are you handling this status of baby celebrity?
brennan: i just take it one feeding at a time, some breastmilk here and some veggies there.
mom: so would you say you're busier now as a baby celebrity?
brennan: well, i mean it's all relative. some days i poop once, some days i poop twice. i'm not much different than most adults. (mom wipes puke from baby celebrity's mouth and shirt that just appeared)
mom: that's very insightful.
brennan: yeah, i'm pretty much a down to earth guy.
mom: what does it feel like to be surrounded by kids that mob you every time you go in the backyard?
brennan: it feels pretty great.
mom: how will you handle the pressures of growing up with all of this attention?
brennan: well, i'm just gonna ride this train as long as i can.
ladies, this baby celebrity is SINGLE and one hot commodity, so start primping now b/c in 21 years he'll be ready for the taking! i give you, BRENNAN RYAN GIBSON!
i adore these handles, and therefore ADORE these pumpkins
baby celebrity and his lady friend (a.k.a. audrey, first cousin once removed, careful there!)


Dana and Adam said...

What an adorable baby celeb! Can I have an autograph??

emily said...

i will contact his agent and see if we can set up a signing;-)