"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, October 25, 2008

dear husband, sean

dear husband sean, you are sad that brennan has taken over our blog. well, not really sad that HE has taken over our blog as much as you are sad that YOU are not on our blog that much. it is true, i'm OBSESSED with our son. how about we stuff cherries in your cheeks and take pictures? that is one reason it is so fun to take pictures of our son. in this picture you are taming mom's unruly patch of ivy. have i told you how PRETTY i think ivy is?! too bad it's so tough to TAME. it's just such a magical plant! i feel like taking my shoes off and walking in it, until i think about all of the nasty spiders that have made their lovely abodes in it...that makes me want to not be within 20 feet of ivy. as you recall, i HATE spiders. i am still recovering from killing 3 black widows last week all by myself. it was SO sad to not have your Sasquatch feet to smush them for me!!! reasons why i LOVE YOU today: you tamed my mom's ivy patch two weeks ago and she's so thankful for your help. you smoosh spiders for me with your Sasquatch feet. you let me put my icy cold feet on your stomach sometimes and on your legs most times. you get your clothes ready the night before so you don't wake me up in the morning when i am sleeping. you did ALL, yes ALL of the dishes in the sink tonight and THAT is freaking fabulous!!! you let me have the remote whenever i really want it. that is all for now, but ode to dear husband sean. i will try to be better about making you a husband celebrity!

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