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Sunday, November 16, 2008

i am afraid of bread.
not in the "i don't eat carbs way" ('cause boy, i eat carbs), but in the "i'm afraid to bake homemade bread" way. i've tried thrice before. the first time i think my yeast was out of date, so my dough wouldn't rise. the second time i had new yeast, but used the wrong water temperature, therefore killing the yeast, so my dough wouldn't rise. the third time i THINK i did everything right, but it was really cold in our apt, so my dough wouldn't rise. see a pattern? yes, i know, so complicated. if you are a veteran bread maker, as i'm sure many of your are, you know all of this (and might possibly be laughing). laugh, it is okay, i know, it is funny. i have a hand me down bread maker, but i don't have the instruction manual. i've been told i can get it online, but i really want to make it the old fashioned way. why? i don't know, it just sounds so cozy. "hey son, let's make some homemade bread together." so cute huh? well, i'm trying for a fourth time as we speaketh (well, when i get off this computer), so wish me luck, and check back later to see how my endeavours turned out!
how to:
(this stephanie nielson's recipe, btw...i don't do well without measurements, so we'll see...)

flour, salt, yeast, powdered milk, honey, canola oil
put my dough in the microwave to rise
punch down the dough, roll her out, make 2 loaves and ta da, delish bread
cook for 30 minutes at 350


Gilbert Family said...

good luck!!! one of the girls in my ward at byu-i had NEVER had store bought bread until she moved to rexburg. crazy! homemade just tastes SO much better! good luck. i think its cheaper if you make it too!

Amy said...

We actually never buy bread. Since we got married it has been homemade. Now, I can't stand store bought bread. Homemade has such a better flavor, and it's cheaper!