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Monday, November 17, 2008

meet & greet monday!

your eyes are groggy and you're back at the week again, it must be...
"meet & greet monday!"
today i have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the prettiest gals i know! i have known this dazzling beauty since high school.
ladies and gentlemen, friends and family,
"meet & greet"
Maeve Martin!
full name: Maeve Katherine Martin
age: 24
birth place: Montara, California
dwelling place: New York City (i know, oh so sheik)
favorite memory with me:
There's so many. I mean, is it Disneyland with the choir, the high school musicals, or football games? One of the coolest memories though well, other than seeing you pregnant, was when I was a freshman in college at Chico State and your Dad came and visited and we went out to Outback Steakhouse. He made us eat so much food.
profession: Actor
current play:
I'm on the National Tour of "In the Mood." It's a 1940s Big Band Musical Revue. There are four singers, two men, two women, and a dancing couple. I am one of the singers. We began rehearsals in Lynchburg, Virginia and have gone across the entire country since September. We finish up right before Thanksgiving.
(isn't her life so glamorous!!??!!)
this picture is from the show. maeve is on the right.
what is it about acting?:
I'm not sure, but after a BA and MFA in Musical Theatre I guess I'm pretty into it. To me it's about telling stories that can inspire, entertain and even change people's lives.
favorite play/musical you've ever been in:
oh that's hard. Ok, "Once Upon a Mattress." It was so fun and it was one of the first leads I had in a big theatre. "Stop Kiss" a play by Diana Son: This was really important to me artistically, and I felt like I was really giving certain people a voice.
your dream performance (past/present/or future):
I was in "Oklahoma!" two summers ago and it was a dream come true. I got to play opposite my favorite leading man (and boyfriend) Andrew, and I got to dance and sing in a show I have loved deeply since I was a little girl. I also got to play Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific" on the deck of the USS Midway in San Diego. That was pretty inspiring. In the future, I would love to play Lois in "Kiss Me Kate" and a million other roles.
favorite character you've played:
Laurey in "Oklahoma!" The entire experience was beyond amazing.
first play: Romeo and Juliet in 7th Grade English class. I was Juliet
biggest dream you haven't achieved:
Ummm...I'm very happy with where my life is currently and whatever opportunities arise I will be grateful for, but I do want a family in the future. I really want to be a wife and a mommy.
biggest dream you HAVE achieved
(knowing me doesn't count, j/k):
Getting my MFA in Musical Theatre. I still can't believe I made it through. Moving to New York to see what was out there for me.
cities you've performed in:
A lot. I had a great time these last two years working in San Diego. On this tour I've been in some great places and some not so great. My favorites have been Appleton and Eagle River, Wisconsin, Butte and Missoula, Montana, Portland and Bend, Oregon, and hopefully a few more before this tour is over.
in love?:
Yes :) I am dating my best friend in the world Andrew Smith, we met in graduate school
describe yourself in one word:
Goofy, or....sorry, one more, Loyal
this could be you, featured on "meet & greet monday!"

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Gilbert Family said...

wow...Maeve! she has always been so beautiful! i had no idea she was an actress. she was so good in high school thats so great she made a career out of it! i remember her being TOTALLY orange on Fridays and during spirit week. Nice to see you again Maeve!!!