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Monday, November 17, 2008

sports night, apparantly

i love the pheonix suns.
why you ask? this is why:
steve nash.
he is my very favorite player. this is my favorite move he does on the floor. i call it
"the back one-handed pass."
he is quick, small (for the nba), but fierce. he is
"nashy baby"
(as i refer to him).
let's change our flow to things i don't like about the suns. this week i have not liked matt barnes. matt is new to the suns and has not impressed me as of late.

barnes is screwing with my pheonix suns. last week he shoulder bumped a player on the rockets. nashy baby came in to beef, shaq came in to break it up (and with his pinky moved 10 people 5 feet), and the brawl continued. the whole game until then we were just "off." nashy baby was missing his shots, shaq was letting shots through.
immediately after barnes was ejected nashy baby sunk a half court shot
(yes, he was .5 seconds late, but he still made the shot). we don't just shoulder bump players. i mean, yes shaq's bum may get in the way sometimes, but come on his bum is big (no offense shaq, i love you too).
nashy baby, i still think you're the bomb.com.
keep up the hard work, and give barnes a
suns spankin'.
barnes, if you promise to stop shoulder bumping i will let you stay with the suns.
click HERE to watch the brawl


The Nielsens said...

you and Jon should get together. He loves the suns!

Jocelyn & Daniel said...

I love basketball!! I'm a Texan now and an official spurs fan. Tim Duncan is the best defensive player I can think of. Go Spurs!