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Monday, November 17, 2008

rivalry week

rivalry week

if you are not from utah, let me introduce you to the biggest rivalry west of the mississippi:

byu vs. utah

rooting for byu or utah is part of the culture in utah. i think it's on the residency application when you move here: who will you root for? byu or utah? j/k seriously, families, friends, and wards are divided every aug. when football season begins, sean doesn't even like me to dress brennan in red on sundays from aug.-nov. the winner of the last game of the season gets bragging rights for the rest of the year (and through the entire following season). byu has won the last two;-)

grown men turn into prank pulling boys, decorating utah houses with byu colors and vice versa. the news stations put aside any kind of unbiased journalism and let their team pick be known. it is hilarious. we are of course a byu family. sean's parents have had season tickets in cougar stadium for over 30 years. the amazing part is that they have only lived in utah for 10 of those years. the other 20 were spent in california. the family would pile into the car friday night, drive all night to utah, go straight to the game at cougar stadium, eat dinner with grandpa gibson to let the traffic die down, and then drive all the way back to california that night to make it to church the next day. crazy, i know, but these are true cougar fans.

i LOVE it.

there's something magical about the big white Y. all season we root for byu to win, but the most important game of them all is the last game of the season against utah.

go cougars!!!


Sue said...

Will you still be my blog friend if I tell you I'm rooting for the "U"? (I have to...I met my husband there!) =)

Buckeye Nut said...

My family is a definitely for the Y. You can tell by Del's flag on the front porch. I on the other hand have a dual loyalty....Ohio State :) They play Michigan this weekend. I want to wear my scarlet & gray Saturday but don't want people thinking I root for that "other" school. LOL....enjoy the game.