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Thursday, November 20, 2008

baby genius

my child is funny.
i know, all parents say this, but seriously, he is "above average funny."
exhibit A:
baby does not crawl
baby sees empty can of cocoa powder on baby gym
(look for yellow can near center)
baby wants can, but can't reach it
(b/c as i said baby cannot crawl)
so, baby pulls baby gym up in the air to roll can toward him...
baby gets can
baby plays with can
sadly, baby drops can & it rolls away
baby cries b/c he can't get toy & mom won't get it for him
baby stops crying and sees key toy
(again, yellow, but this time it is more to front/bottom of the picture)
baby pulls baby gym with even more force to get toy closer baby gets yellow key toy
conclusion: laziness is an intelligent process folks.
i have a baby genius.
seriously, don't you think you sometimes put in more work to not get off the couch or to not get out of the bed so you can stay on the couch or in the bed?
i do this.
sometimes i will ask sean to close the closet door (b/c it's on his side of the bed, and i don't like it be open when i sleep). he will scoot to the very edge of the bed, use his toes to latch onto the handle, holding his breath, and then pushes the door to close it. all so he won't have to get out of bed. i have been known to make fun of the fact that he would have done less work by just getting up and out of bed to close it in the first place.
do you anything like this?

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Gilbert Family said...

i'm GUILTY. haha at least im not alone! :)