"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, February 12, 2009

20 runners and a business man

there was a girl who was on vacation.
it was glorious.
it was cold, but is was glorious.
she took hot bubble baths, ate lots of glorious food, enjoyed a good book
there was a boy.
he was the most handsome man the girl had ever seen.
they had a beautiful little pork loin.
and the most wonderful grandma in all the land.
on vacation they laughed, and ate, and toured the land.
every morning the girl would take the handsome man to his conference.
on her way there they played a game.
they would count all of the runners going up and down the strip.
they would point in amazement of the masses of runners!
they would giggle as they watched a fully suited business man do the same.
but not for the exercise.
the end.


Ryan and Melissa said...

Your kiddo is going to have a complex by you calling him "pork loin" all the time. I have to admit though, I LOVE it! I'm laughing SO hard! Don't worry, I'll remind him when he's grown that he was truly loved and cherished as a child. Hey who wouldn't want to eat him? I DO! Want to eat the cheeks!! UMPH!

Natalie said...

So happy to hear you are enjoying your glorious vacation! I love the pictures. :) And I must agree with the first commenter...the boy's cheeks look delicious!