"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

but not the cold.

it is cold.
did you know it's cold in vegas this time of year?
me neither.
i know i mentioned this yesterday, lonely flip flops, making the best of it.
so far my attempts to make the best of it:
crank up the heater to 80.
eat warm oatmeal (with whole milk and blueberries)
go back to bed, letting grandma take care of the pork loin. i love vacation.
check the weather. it's 50 with a breeze.
it's a dry cold right, not like san francisco 50.
i'm from there, did you know that?
vegas 50 will be much warmer:-)
i lived here once, did you know that?
i'm off to find inside luxuries today.
globe trotter (my momma) mentioned forum shopping. i like the sound of that.
she also mentioned cheesecake factory. my avocado roll loving heart fluttered.
so did my peanut butter cheesecake heart.
it deserves a post in itself (peanut butter, that is...)
lots of lights.
did you know the motel 6 has fancy dancy lights on its sign here. i know, so fun:-)
i can see the new york new york hotel from my toilet. it's awesome.
i've discovered that red lipstick is truly enough make up for me.
i may never wear foundation again.
have you joined the revolution yet?
the pork loin has begun throwing everything and anything off of the table.
actually it's more of a side to side swiping method.
i'm thinking of throwing out the dining room table b/c he's basically eating off of the floor these days anyway...
i've been all about big open spaces lately...did i tell you i rearranged my coffee table last week? it's slanted now, facing the couches diagonally.
i LOVE it.
every time i walk into my living room i think "love it."
kind of like the lights in vegas.
but not the cold.


Carlson Clan said...

I know...isn't it so weird that it's so cold?! Just last week (or the week before) it was in the 70s. So, totally don't feel like you have to come to Henderson! I know vacations can be crazy full. There is a way cool shopping area over by me called the District that you would totally love though (and there's a Spaghetti Factory there..that's what made me think of it!) So if you can't think of something to do give me a call! 530-370-1352

Verike & Ryan said...

Out of that entire post, my brain processed "Avocado Rolls" from Cheesecake Factory. Those are my fav too!!! Now I want them...