"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i wuv you to bits!

can you believe we made this?
more please:-)
i love:
that you know who you are.
that you speak spanish, te amo mi amore.
the way you wear a white shirt to church every week, knowing your deacons will eventually do the same.
the way you stay up late to laugh and talk in bed.
the way you tickle brennan until he cries from laughing so hard.
the way you love me.
the way you tease me.
the way you get up to put the binky in in the middle of the night.
the way you let me sleep in when i'm tired.
the way you read books in bed with me.
the way you love the lord.
your integrity.
your character.
the way everyone that meets you loves you.
your sense of humor.
your intelligence.
the way you clean the bathroom for me.
the way you soak your dishes;-)
the way you dream with me.
your memory.
the way you tickle me.
the way you kiss me.
the way you hug me.
the way you can't keep your hands off of me!
the way you say i love you.
the way you love date night.
the way you love my whole wheat pizza...and cookies...and lasagna, and everything i've ever made.
the way you make me happy.
the way you taught me how to be me.
the way you adore me.
the way you put me first.
the patience you have with me.
the way you love my family.
the way you love our family.
the way you look when you haven't shaved in three days, mmmmm.
the father you have become.
the husband you are.
i love you.
happy valentines day my love.


The Gist Family! said...

You are an amazing couple! I can tell that you each make the other a better person, and that you are truly happy together. It shows that you treasure each other. (hopefully the young men see this, too, as it is just as important a lesson)You guys are awesome!

Thank you Em, for sharing your husband with our young men for the first part of your valentines day!

Sister Nikki Shields said...

You guys are a perfect couple. I'm obsessed with you and reading that made me miss you guys already!