"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ours to keep & yours to imagine

we ate here.
it was rockin.
my husband is the luckiest man alive.
i brought our camera.
planned to take tons of amazing pictures:
sean riding the new york new york roller coaster
our tailgate appetizer that we split as an entree
me dancing on the dance dance revolution arcade game
us with the harley davidson bike
sean on the harley davidson bike
m&m world!!!! and the most expensive bag of m&m candy i've ever bought in MY LIFE.
imagine the most beautiful wall of m&m's. how could i not grab a bag?!

dark chocolate, peanut butter (oh how i love thee), mini's, one color, two colors, mixed colors, 27 colors
alas, my memory card was left inserted into mom's laptop.
so the memories are ours to keep and yours to imagine.
isn't that romantic?
yes, it is.


Sue said...

At least you remembered the camera itself. That means you've got me beat! (I am sorry we don't get to see the pics, though...)

Ah well. Next time.


Gilbert Family said...

it sounds like it was AB FAB! we need to go there sometime. sounds great!

Proudfeet said...

You painted a pretty good picture, especially about the M&M's! Sounds like a fantastic trip!