"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

to buffet or to not buffet. that is the question.

my rasberry lemonade at cheesecake factory today. brennan and i were in drinking heaven. dad was in CSM (physical therapy conference).
the word makes my nose squish up and my mouth pucker.
i don't know when i started to dislike buffets.
there was a time i would rush to the front of the buffet lines.
although, mainly to have an unlimited supply of the sundae bar.
sean just called me.
he is on the top floor of the mandalay bay schmooj-ing it up with the prez of the APTA.
he said they are getting the first class treatment at their private party.
and that if i would run around in my birthday suit he would track down some binoculars to find our room.
this is not where i planned for this post to go.
where was i?
oh yes, buffets.
so i don't like them, but that is where everyone from sean's class is going for dinner tonight.
i don't need the finest of dining to be satisfied, but i do enjoy some pampering on special occasions.

our avocado rolls from cheesecake factory. we gobbled them up immediately.

we are the luckiest kids on the block to be at mom's timeshare.

it has left us with some extra funds for pampering.
so where will we end up tonight on our night out on the town?
will it be
you'll have to tune in tomorrow to see.
until then, i leave you not knowing myself where we will be eating.
do you think it's selfish of me to not want to do the buffet?
i would love to go for the people. i love the people.
but passing up a chance to live la vida vegas with my hubby and a grandma to babysit for free??!!
who could pass THAT up!?
updating on "but not the cold":
there was a high of 53 today!!! it was "no 70," and definitely not the "normal 62" that the weather man so lovingly shoved in our warm weather intended gazes, but it's not the 30s they're getting in salt lake!

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Sue said...

I still like buffets, especially for brunch. But they have to be good ones...No Hometown Buffet for me!

Brooke said...

i followed you to vegas-now follow my blog! haha....but really! glad you having fun!