"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, February 8, 2009

i don't think we're in kansas anymore...

i'm on vacation!!!!!!

highlights: the picture show
crazy weather=amazing sky scenery

breaking in the new car seat...and dad's sunglasses
(we had to hold his hands down to take this picture, and i put spit in his hair so it would be kodak ready)

since it's sunday the kid is on no naps at this point, so the meltdown began and i jumped in the back with mom
(which ended up being much more spacious than the front)

brennan getting sauced up on the way,
hey, anything to keep them entertained in the car;-)

s.d.gib had just changed an "ehem" in the back seat.
we were parked at subway people, come on, we wouldn't do that while driving!
he was explaining something really important, but i decided to tune it out and snap a shot instead
(you know, to fulfill my vow of putting more pics of him on the blog)

we packed light

it's a really high rise hotel,
super fun,
couldn't figure out how to get to our level.
we had to use a fancy schmancy key to get access to our level.
wooooo, i know!
after this picture we had to ask two lovely gentlemen in the lobby how to work it.
they gladly showed us the proper way, and off we went.

my bellmen

our humble room,
well, the dining room part at least;-)

"Toto, i don't think we're in kansas anymore!"

can't believe the view from our room

complete awe of our view.
seriously, we can see the entire strip!!!

mgm grand, luxor, mandalay bay, Excalibur, new york new york, monte carlo,
well that's from one view

grandma C's accommodations:
you know, she can switch beds every night.
sunday on the left
monday on the right
tuesday on the left
well, you get the idea...
(our room was the first pic folks, scroll to the top again)
at the expense of being cliche i must add:
viva las vegas!!!!


bitterfamily said...

Hey Emily.. I didn't realize it was this weekend you were coming into town. I thought it was Presidents weekend. Sorry... I have tutoring tonite and will not be able to meet up. Enjoy your time here though! Check out the conservatory at the Bellagio... that's my favorite part of Vegas. As well as a little hidden gelato shop in the Wynn that overlooks their watershow. You'll have to ask for the name of it from a worker, I can't remember.(shhh it's kind of a secret, don't let to many in on it!)

bitterfamily said...

Hey Emiy... I didn't realize it was now you were in vegas, I thought it was over Presidents weekend. I have tutoring tonight... sorry! Have fun while you are here though. Check out the conservatory at the Bellagio, thats my favorite. Also, there is a great Gelato cafe at the Wynn that overlooks their mini-waterfall/water/lights show. It's so peaceful and amazing! Ask a worker for the name, bc I can't remember! :)

Sue said...

Looks like a good time. Have fun!

Proudfeet said...

You are the luckiest! Is it just the warmest there right now? You guys deserve a little escape! Get some sun girl! I am jealous of that!

Brooke said...

have a good time!

Carlson Clan said...

yay for Vegas! I can see the strip from my window too! If you're bored you can always come to Henderson...it's not as exciting as the strip though!