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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

whoa baby!!!

this pic on my due date just doesn't do my belly justice.
i also took pics in my binki right after this one.
oh boy!!!!
really, i looked like i had twins in there.
my doctor referred to it as "all baby."
at 41 weeks i was induced.
dr. nielson predicted an 8lb. baby. i guessed 8.5, sean 8.2, the nurse 7.14 (bless her).
we all had to pick our mouths up off of the floor when this came out...
we're so glad we had him!!!
note: dr. nielson apologized for not doing a c-section. he had no idea my pelvis could handle brutus! go me:-)

birthday breakfast!
so glad i'm home for my birthday!
dear pork loin,
you've changed us forever!
thank you for making our lives better.
we are so glad you are in our family.
you are such a cutie pie.
you had 2 inches of dark black hair when you were born.
you've had 7 hair cuts.
you sleep 12 hours.
you smile, laugh, dance, & toddle with your walker.
you eat almost anything.
you notice everything!
your favorite thing is "hurley monkey."
you get really excited for bath time.
you hate having your nose sucked (don't we all??).
you LOVE when dad comes home.
you slurp noodles, so cute.
you open your mouth REALLY wide to eat.
you have the chubbiest, most darling thighs EVER!
you love the outside.
you commando crawl on your tummy, but waited until 10 1/2 mo. to do it!
you turn the pages of the book when we read to you.
you learned how to stand up in your crib at primary children's hospital (11mo. & 3 1/2 weeks old).
you spent 64 hrs. at primary children's hospital with RSV last week.
you love dogs, real ones. A LOT.
you make high pitch barks when you see real dogs on tv...and in real life.
you love watching dog shows on tv.
you cried 4-5 hrs. a day for the first 9 weeks of your life.
your aunt natalie helped us sleep train you at 9 weeks old.
you go right to bed in your own crib without crying.
you dance with your fingers to music any time you hear it.
you love music.
you love to be held.
you love babies and kids.
you say "mama," "gaggee," "hi," "ow," "woah," "baba" (although you don't know what "baba" means, you babble it when you play).
you pump your legs when you are excited.
you love to play with mom and dad's cell phones.
you love grandma's house (both of them).
you don't mind having water poured over your head in the tub.
you were breastfed for 1 year!!!!!!!
you are not allergic to anything...so far.
you steal toys from people you play with.
you love to do things you are not supposed to do, especially when mommy says "yucky."
you have the chubbiest cheeks!
you have Michelin tire arms.
oh we LOVE your rolls!!!
you have a big fat big toe.
you have a birth mark between your eyes.
you got your first tooth at 10 mo.
you have your two bottom teeth in & both top teeth on their way in.
you like to cuddle after naps.
you LOVE to play with "gaggee's" face, especially his nose.
you love people singing to you.
you know how to drink from a straw, but not sippy cups.
you learned to feed yourself at 10 months old.
you love playing peek-a-boo.
you have your mom's lips and your dad's ears.
everyone says you look like your dad, but mom sees a lot of her in you too.
you randomly growl.
you babble, sometimes very loud.
you always charm the laddies, they love you.
you have LOTS of nicknames: pork loin, quarter pounder, & cheeks, are most recent.
when you were a baby we called you: bug, grinch (you looked like the grinch when you cried at 4am, i swear!), ace (you had crazy hair like ace ventura), & baby brennan.
we made up a song for everything when you were a baby to get you to stop crying ("boucning baby brennan, brennan, brennan, bouncing baby brennan, bounce, bounce, bounce...").
you love mommy and daddy.
& we love you!
mom & dad


Gilbert Family said...

that is so precious! Happy Birthday Brennan! Heres to many many more!

The Gist Family! said...

Good job getting to the big "1". Keep enjoying every day with him, he will be taller than you before you know it! Kiss his fat little cheeks and tell him happy birthday for me!

See-ya soon!


Amy said...

He is stinking adorable! I am so glad he is home and doing better, and Happy Birthday to him!

Lauren said...

Awww how cute he is (and how fast he grew!!)! Happy Birthday Mr. Pork Loin (er... Brennan)! He really is such a cutie!

Sue said...

Great pics and biography of the "loin." I especially liked the lion tamers and their subject.

He is a darling baby, and you make a pretty cute mom, too!

Happy birthday, Brennan! The fun is just beginning...

Sue said...

PS. Finally got your button on my blog. Sorry it took me so long. (I dislike all those html-type tasks.)

Carol (Mehr) Simpson said...

That's the most incredible blog ever! Great memories, Great parents, Great grandson!! Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life too! Love, mom

Buckeye Nut said...

Happy Birthday Brennan!! So glad you are home to celebrate your big day!!!
Luv Ya!!

Proudfeet said...

Ok he is the cutest! You two lucked out on the sweetest little boy! Every picture, he's so happy! Happy 1st Birthday!

Heather said...

darling entry and what a clever post

love your creativity and just being comfortable knowing you!