"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

letters to the goddesses

dear blogging goddesses,
it's my birthday tomorrow. did you know that? i've been sneaking around the house trying to find the presents mom has hidden from me. i've already unwrapped part of some that were in the corner on the floor. books! i hope there are more where that came from:-) i am a little wheezy today, but slept 12 hours last night. i never even woke up once! mom and dad were so happy. i could tell they were happy b/c when mom came into my room this morning she was smiling and clapping. i just kept jumping up and down in my crib. she thinks i'm so cute. dad, i'm sorry i made you late for school this morning, but i hope you enjoyed your guilt free sleeping in! it's not your fault i didn't wake up early. just have your teacher squeeze my cheeks, all will be forgiven;-)

i am very glad to be home. i missed my little red piano and walks around the coffee table. mom told me i'm not allowed to play with kids under 3 or go to the store for awhile. madison, please don't go out with any other guys while i'm getting better. i still get to have birthday cake, but only with the really tall people who are not sick. i get to go to grandma's today while mommy gets her hair done. i heard her tell daddy last night that she needed to get out for a couple of hours. she painted her toes red today too! so shiny! i love to grab her piggies, that's what mom calls them.

mom says it's time to eat and you know how much i hate to miss a meal! i hope you have the loveliest of days ladies;-)

the pork loin


Brooke said...

happy soon-to-be-birthday little man! glad you are feeling better!

ryan and stacy beck said...

Glad to hear things are improving and he's home! I hope he has a good birthday! Can't believe the little guy is going to be 1! Glad you get some time to go out and get your hair done. I need to do that before the baby comes. I haven't had it cut since last June. Yikes! The baby's room is coming along. I'm excited to post pics when its done. Its really coming together like I had hoped. We're narrowing it down on names, but ryan won't budge on Creighton. He said "no" last night but then left me an adorable note this morning with a pic of Creighton (a little nerdy stick figure) and Gavin (one of our other top choices these days) who was a big buff studdly looking stick figure. But then he finished with he's trying to consider Creighton more. We still haven't given up on Jackson yet either. I think we're going to need to meet the dude to make a final decision. I can't believe how fast its going by! The adjustment of being home all the time will be tough I can tell. Its only day two and I'm feeling the shock come on. I know I'll be busy w/ a baby but since we don't live in town it limits things to do. I know its the right move though. Last night my dream about him included a rib poking out of me and I had to push it in with my hand while he pushed it out for more room. Can't wait to open your present! 4 days to go!

Gilbert Family said...

he is such a sophisiticated writer! :) so cute! happy birthday tomorrow B!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday you gorgeous boy!
I am so thrilled you feel better!
Thank you for letting your mom and dad get some sleep. Also, tell your mom I hope she enjoys every second of having her hair done. Eat lots of cake, and ask mom to gush your cheeks for me! It's ok, we haven't met, but I'm not a stranger. I ate cookies your mom made me...DELICIOUS!!

Sue said...

So he's already back to the full pork loin, huh? I'm so glad that he is recovering so well and will be home for this birthday. Hope you have a great day...and I'm glad only tall, healthy people are going to be around him for a while.


Fiauna said...

How cute. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a rockin' day.

Aris said...

oh pork loin, happy almost birthday, so glad you're home!

S.D.GIB said...

Little does Mom know you did wake up once last night, however it was a quick fix with Hurley.