"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 6, 2009

what does that say??? em-el-esk?

jess h.: Could you please explian what the Emilisque (sp?) photo-card at the top of your blog means?
em: "emilesque" became so as sean was walking by me one day while i was typing away at my computer and said, "that's very emilesque." my friend, who is also a blog designer wanted to make me a button that same week and asked what i wanted on it, so i said "say something like 'that's so emilisq' but i'm not sure of spelling on that..." well, the spelling never got changed, and i liked the way it looked with two "i's" so we left it that way.
jess h.: I'm not sure I understand "all because one mom stayed home," and I'd really like to.
em: so my other friend made the banner to say "the gibson's" & "all because two people fell in love," but people kept asking "what does that say? emilisq, what does it mean?," so i had her put it up on the banner with a dictionary pronounciation to go with it. then i was sitting at my computer one day typing away (see the pattern? i think best typing away.) and thought about the age old blogger question, "self, why do i blog?" then i thought "well, because i am home, and like to do it when brennan naps. ooo, new hobby! and emotional/creative outlet, for that matter." then i looked at my banner and it said "all because two people fell in love." cute, but i just wasn't feeling it. so i thought, "hey, 'all because one mom stayed at home' fits too." i typed another email to my cute friend and had her change it. plus, i'm a big advocate for staying home with your kids if you can:-) for some mom's it's not their thing, and others aren't able to do it, but it's just right for me. thus, the birth of my blog;-) hey, maybe i should post this?!
*hope this helps ya'all!


Fiauna said...

I totally understood "all because one mom stayed home." Makes perfect sense to me. Love the blog.

Sue said...

Yep, no confusion here...though I do admit to being such a stickler for spelling that I've had to work on loving the "Emilisq" instead of "Emilesque."

Of course, you get to have poetic license, right? After all, it's YOUR blog! (And a cute and colorful one, at that.)

PS. That is interesting about your grandfather and my great grandfather and Springfield! It's a small Mormon world. heehee

Tiff said...

Congrats on winning a hand made gift!!! I need to start thinking about what I can make for you...