"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 6, 2009

flip it, flip it good!

flip it, flip it good!!!
1 year
height 31 1/2 in. (90%)
weight 24.9 lbs. (75%)
poor pork loin lost 2 pounds!
rsv is on the down.
lungs sound "perfect."
real quote, i swear!
head diam. 19 (90%)
i think this means pork loin is out and shaq is in.

dad was running late,

but he still fixed my straps
and flipped my car seat for mom.
did i mention leah dropped dinner off last night?
taco soup.
amazing taco soup.
leah, recipe please:-)
i must mention jess and keri brought dinner too.
i don't have pictures, boo!
i love my friends.
thank goodness for friends.

should i be worried this is his favorite song?

naw, too cute for worry!

are you reading with us?

i'm on pg. 188.

so glad i still have the rest of the month to finish. how about you?

note: i've heard some of the colors i use are tough to read with my blog's background. i love my background and can't part with it, so please, which colors can you read the best? which ones are impossible? jess informed me that she's had many a nights scrolling the page slightly up and slightly down to see what a word is. oh my blogging goddesses, i am sorry for your vision! love to your eyes in green and blue today:-) and please, highlighting will help with those older posts in hard to read colors.

love to you and yours.



Fiauna said...

The dark blue font works fine. The bright green, as well. Yay, flipping the carseat is a major right of passage.

Sue said...

Oh, Leah...come to my house and bring me some of that soup! You're killin' me here.

I love the finger dancing, by the way...

Proudfeet said...

Ok seeing your cute little family last night was so fun! I want to clone Brennan! I am glad the soup was a hit, I will need to gather my alteration notes and I will send it your way! Have a fabulous weekend! (Navy blue writting and dark red are good!)

keri said...

I can't wait until I can flip my Madison's car seat. I wish we could do it before our trip next week, but that won't happen. Boo!

Natalie said...

Love the video!!

I like the navy font. But then, I actually always love any shade of blue so maybe my answer is biased.