"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


there are new babies at our zoo.
we went yesterday.
the elephant was the cutest.
romping around his mommy and rolling in the mud.
i'm getting so excited for our new baby.
and scared to death, but that's for another day.
i had a dream last night that we were having a boy.
the night before my ultrasound with brennan i dreamt i was having a boy.
we'll see one week from today if i have some sort of futuristic vision;-).
i looked at my baby yesterday and realized that he is a full blown toddler.
a really darling one too.
and then i looked at my sister in law and told her it was a good thing i was pregnant.
we needed babies around.
and toddlers too;-)
teenagers...i'm not so sure yet...
giraffes, tigers, meercats.
and a monkey i didn't snap a picture of.
is that some kind of record for babies at a zoo?


Emmy said...

Such cute babies! Yeah, I am not so sure about the teenage thing either. My daughter at almost age three already shows so much drama and attitude how am I going to survive when she is a teenager??

Lisa Anne said...

Super cute babies all of them. Even the human ones. LOL

Sue said...

I'm excited for you to have the baby, too! (And not scared at all...You'll do great.)


PS. There is always that funny feeling, though, just as you walk through the doors of the hospital to deliver (ort of like total recall) when you ask yourself...Why the heck did I let myself in for THIS again? Fortunately, it is always easy to answer that question. ;)

Lauren said...

babies! the little zoo babies are so cute, but not as cute as your no-longer-a-baby-now-a-toddler Brennan!

Gilbert Family said...

he is such a cute toddler! 2 boys would be fun! cute zoo babies. can you take one home? :)

Jess said...

Looks like a fun trip to the zoo, love all of the baby animals, they look so playful!

Soon to be Mrs. D said...

you would think it was spring time with all the babies!

Synergy Girl said...

What a cute post...holy babies at the zoo man!! Okay, so I just had a longtime highschool friend tell me the WACKO theory on how to predict the gender of your next child....are you ready for this?? Okay, so you are supposed to look at your "previously born" child's head. If the Calick (sp??) is dead center, you will have a girl, if it is off to the side at all...boy. I thought she was crazy, and we are still testing the theory, but for all of my kids so far, dead on...for myself and my siblings (the ones I have tried this on) it's been right...thier kids, our neighbor's kids, our friends parent's kids...all right....totally random, but hey...fun anyhow....who would have thought?? ANYWAYS....can't wait to find out what you are having for reals!