"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, September 25, 2009

"jest" jinxed me

scout master: 198
em: 168
please direct your attention to the upper right hand corner.
specifically the word "jest."

i put that "J" down, secretly hoping i would draw an "N."
5 plays i waited.
i even gave up a turn to trade in some letters in the hopes of getting my beloved letter "N."
finally, my moment of glory came!
two "N's"!!!
just in time for the scout master to say,
"is 'jest' a word?"
"no, of course it's not," i replied.
guilt looming in my chest, "look it up to be sure though."
"3 results!" he said.
"please, please don't use it babe," i beg.
"why not?" he replies.
"b/c i don't want you to. i didn't even think you new my little 'J' was up there."
"how many points is your word worth?" says the scout master.
"a lot."
"more than my 'quasi'?" he asks.
guilt is mounting more, realizing that if he does give in i won't have full bragging rights to the
78 point word "jinx"
i'd been waiting to play.
did i mention i had been waiting for 5 rounds for the letter "N"?
so i told him to play his measly "jest."
"jest"-noun; a joke or witty remark.
his 57 point "jest," along with his 48 point "quasi" led him to victory.
and me to the land of sore loser ville.
yup, i whined and moaned for a good 10 minutes over the entire ordeal.
78 points!
have you ever heard of a word worth 78 points?!
me neither.
and i still haven't.
but i've never seen the scout master so proud of himself for winning a game.
that's worth way more than 78 points.
did i mention it was his first time playing?

i know. amazing.
just like him.


Emmy said...

I would have pouted too :)

Good for you though.. it is good to let the men folk win sometimes, other wise they won't want to play.

Amy said...

If only scrabble came with a spell check. We don't play it here, for obvious reasons. That was very noble of you letting your husband win :) Awesome that he did so well for his first time!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

Pretty good for a first timer Sean! Those last minutes of the game usually kill me with Levi, he is good at pulling out ridiculously high scoring words at the end of the game!

Sue said...

I love Scrabble! And my husband has never even come close to beating me.


beck said...

Oh we have some "special" memories of scrabble. Fortunately my husband loves me dearly and he is still willing to play with me every few months. Speaking of that he still owes me a game--for my birthday he promised a game. He is slowly getting better and so he doesn't get as frustrated. I'm still working at enjoying when he wins just as much as when I win. Here's to humble wives who glory in their husbands even when they beat them at scrabble!