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Monday, September 21, 2009

scout master's wife

we've been getting ready for our primary singing program at church for months.
they children are singing a version of "follow the prophet" that they helped make up the words to.
there's one line that says, "he's a loyal scout."
being the scout master's wife, i thought it would be "oh so cute" to have them hold up 2 fingers, like the scouts do at their meetings when they say their "stuff."
except it's supposed to be 3 fingers.
so all of the primary children have practiced with 2 fingers.
won't that be so cute?!
now i want to know what the other 15 adults were thinking when i was teaching this 2 finger thing?
someone had to know i was doing it wrong.
so embarrassing...
guess i'll try to teach them 3 fingers before the big show this sunday.
the scout master had a grand old laugh over this entire thing...


Hastings Family said...

It's two fingers for cub scouts. :)

Lisa Anne said...

lol super funny. I wouldn't have known the difference. lol

Sue said...

It'll be cute no matter what they do. The Primary program is a sure thing!


Emmy said...

Lol, that is pretty funny.... though I might have messed it up too :)

beck said...

Emily that's freakin' hilarious scout master wifey! If the Hastings Family comment is indeed true I think cub scouts way is totally appropriate since that's their age. What is your calling? Why didn't I know you were in the primary? I substituted at the piano during the practice last week and it was so crazy and hectic. I'm amazed at how well they end up doing when its showtime. If only I hadn't be 30 minutes late to church yesterday doing the church preparations without Ryan. BTW I wouldn't have know either.

Jess said...

Cute Zac Hasting was trying to point it out, me being a girl and not having ever attended scouts had no idea he was right.

Dana said...

For father's day I taught the kids the sign for "I love you" and they were supposed to hold it up at the parts where they sing "I love you". Nobody even remembered to do it except the sunbeams, and they spent the whole time looking down at their hands trying to get their fingers just right for the "I love you" part. It was really cute! I love being chorister!