"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HAIR CHOP & COUGAR TOWN {a sad place last night}

big thanks to...
the ruff's for taking the pork loin for the night.
hot old man & mama nacho for the tickets and tail gating experience.
taco bell for our post-game snack.
the pork loin woke up this morning grabbing at his hair, looking confused.
we laughed.
i miss the blondie.
and his flowing locks.
but the mullet had to go.


Lauren said...

those pictures of you and "the scout master" are so cute! I love the matchy matchy blue! And "pork loin's" hair is awesome.

Brooke said...

you have a very good little boy if he will just sit on the ground like that for his hair cut. I have to strap blake into his high chair and it is still a struggle. Oh I envy you :) He looks adorable.

Emmy said...

His hair looks so cute!
And boo to those fans for leaving. You stick it out to the end.

Eric and I stayed at the game a few years back when BYU played Boise in Provo, it was snowing A LOT.. they had to shovel off the sidelines most of the game. We lost miserably, but we stayed!! There were more Boise fans than BYU fans by the end.. but we stayed.

Glad you stayed. Wish the game would have been better.

Jess said...

Love the loin's hair cut- sorry to see his blond sun-lights go. Schroeder says you cursed the Cougs with you comment the other day-silly boy!

Sue said...

Cute cut. You do good work!


Lisa Anne said...

His haircut is super cute!! Great job. I wish I could cut my sons hair, he hates haircuts!!

Amy said...

I am jealous. Keithers is due for another haircut since the last one was so uneven and bad. I hate to pull out the clippers, but it looks so bad, there is really nothing else I can do. Any pointers?

I was so jealous of you on Saturday! I knew you were at the game, and was envying that the whole time. I am glad you had fun, and stuck it out to the end. I didn't even do that (the boy needed a bath and bed). No worries, they will win next game.

keri said...

What a handsome little guy! Maddie will be so excited to see his new dew!