"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 26, 2009


over some unusually thick pancakes this morning, we discussed a serious topic.
why is manny not married?
handy manny.
it's been sean's favorite show for a good 6 months now.
he's a single, attractive young man, with integrity, a positive attitude, and a thriving business.
and yet, there seem to be no callers.
TAMN should be notified immediately for her next MO' Matchelor.
i think brennan just said "alligator."
i have witnesses.
and what is up with the bisquick mix?
thick like biscuits i say.
very filling and quite tasty, but they claim one batch makes 14.
we got 6 out of our batch.
does that mean i ate 2?
the things wouldn't spread out.
we laid 'em out on the flapjack flipper
(the big long black thing we got from our wedding. did you get one too? we love ours.)
and they laid there like big tasty biscuits.
which would be fine, except we thought we were making pancakes.
i've scoured the box at least 3 times with only a few distractions.
no luck.
we seem to have followed the directions for "pancakes."
i still feel like i ate butter smeared, syrup covered, biscuits for breakfast...
and they were really good.


Emmy said...

Yes, whenever I make pancakes from Bisquick I add a little extra milk... especially, since my kids like to take lots of pancakes no matter how big they actually are.
And I never thought of that, but Yes Handy Manny is a good catch!

Levi and Katie Hansen said...

I love the randomness of this entry. I don't know why handy manny isn't married. Maybe you don't want to either; after I found out why Dumbledore wasn't married....I was a little put off...if you know what I mean:) Maybe leave it a mystery...and you biscuits sounded good;)

Sue said...

I bet he might have made an attempt at alligator...My first son could speak very well by 15 months. (The other two didn't say much until they were 2 years old.)


Davis Family said...

I've often thought that Manny and Kelly from the hardware store should hook up....

Katie said...

There are definite sparks between Manny and Kelly. Have you ever seen the episode where they dance together? Hel-lo.