"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 31, 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA {the lost thanksgiving post}

{october, november, & december}
and the lost thanksgiving post...

let me start by saying,
i hate change.
i'm not good at it.
i'm emotional about it.
bipolar up and down emotional about it.
b/c i like things neat and tidy, with a predictable routine.
but when it's over,
i'm better for it.
we signed the deed to our first home.
and moved in the next day.
but the weekend before we drove to chico.
for sean's 10 yr high school reunion.
where brennan stole a piece of cake.
not at the reunion.
at the park.
read here.
and the weather changed to fall.
sean turned 29.
we moved.
and made it ours.
mainly by children puking on the carpet.
and spilling charcoal.
thank you dyson :)
my computer finally got fixed.
halloween got rained out.

in november,
i bought his book for my father in law for christmas.
but not that day.
i almost burnt tammy's house down with the dang rum wieners.
it was terrifying.
went home for thanksgiving.
never posted about it.
 leftover pumpkins on good ol' highway 92, and tres for dinner.
 max creamed dad with mashed potatoes.
 she had him at hello.
 went out with my friends from high school.
where we almost inherited a red bull refrigerator.
i would have taken it 10 years ago.
and drove around with it in my car.
really, it would have stayed in my backseat.
oh how i miss my ghetto little civic.
may it rest in peace.
just didn't seem as appealing now.
the fridge.
still funny.
man, i love those girls.
 dad bought a free-range hormone free cage free turkey.
a lot of free's.
but it wasn't free.
tasted fantastic.
but that's b/c of dad.
and my basting, HA!
 ham rolls and baked brie.
  all of the crazies at one table.

 classic chocolate turkey.
we used to hoard ours as kids.
adam always bit the head off first.
i think...
 took the kids to see santa at talbots with grandma and grandpa and great grandma joi.
 it went awesome for max.
 then we celebrated my birthday at the House of Prime Rib.
with beach blanket after.
adam knew snow white from high school.
so our seats were slammin'.
prime rib, baked potatoe loaded, cream of spinach, pudding bread.
shirley temple.
then kelsey moved to india.
i turned 28.
kelsey got engaged in india.
you didn't know?
now you do :)
the christmas season began.
the grinch was on my shoulder.
we got into our groove.
 and christmas came and went again.
and here we are again.
new year.
new goals.
new memories laying ahead.
oh the places we will go...
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VandyJ said...

What a busy end of the year! Happy New Year!

MiMi said...

Wow!!! You had a busy last 3 months!!!
George W. I love George W. Did you know that? Once I called myself Mrs. Bush. It was circa 2001, though. : )

Sue said...

This whole post was wonderful, but what jumps out of me is that you went to the House of Prime Rib, my favorite restaurant. We usually go there for our anniversaries.

And Beach Blanket Babylon is where we took our daughter, Karin, for her 21st b-day. I bet the show was pretty funny with all the political craziness going on right now.


jen said...

I tried baked brie for the first time last night. It was good, but I'd love to know what you do. Ours was wrapped in puff pastry and topped with raspberry jam. MMMMMM.
Happy New Year, and I hope I win you prize. I LOVE that store and have to come by every time I'm in UT.

Amy said...

You sure had a busy couple of months! Amazing. Sometimes I want your life. What fun you have. And what good food you eat! :)

Lourie said...

I need a nap now! That was a busy three months you had!! And Christmas comes every year...it comes just the same. ;)

Emmy said...

Loved seeing new pics that you didn't post before! Yes busy and great three months for you