"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

snorkeling in an over sized mask

reasons why i love this picture of brennan:
1. bright orange floaties around his chubby arms
2. his serious "it's time to swim" face
3. the snorkel in his mouth, duh!
4. the dimples on his hands
{my cabbage patch kid}
5. the over sized mask
last night we bbq'd cheeseburgers,
sliced a pineapple
{ok, it was already pre-cut from costco},
ate uncle dave's crispy cookies with chocolate chunks,
and spent the evening swimming with the fam.
i drank strawberry lemonade in a lawn chair with chase.
sean went between the hot tub and the pool with max.
she loves to jump off the side and belly flop every time.
brennan is terrified of being thrown in the air.
and learned the art of snorkeling.
we may never get him out of the water for the rest of the summer.
breathing under water=magic.
i still love it myself for the same reason.
no need for fish.
the act of breathing with a face fully submerged is entertainment enough.
although, when i finally did snorkel with real fish it was pretty great too.
but man, there's just something wonderful about a snorkel in a swimming pool.
i don't make the rules,
i just know they're true.
snorkels people,
we're talking about snorkels!
chase loves audrey.
i've titled her
"the baby whisperer."
she is.
happy family night.


Sue said...

Looks like summer is in full swing!

And Karin (my daughter) used to be the baby whisperer for my nieces and nephews!


becca said...

wow look at him go he is a real swimmer there and omg chase too adorable

Amy said...

Super fun fhe! I am going to have to try snorkeling sometime.