"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


brennan says that all of his friends are his best friends.
he even lists them all in his prayers every night.
{blake, cade, justin, wilder, and brad--except brad is 40, not 4}
one time in his prayers a few months ago he said,
"thank you for cade...{pause}, thank you for awesome cade."
{brad is a dad in our neighborhood who lives across the street from us,
and brennan asks to play with him all day too.
brad gets mentioned in the dinner food prayers,
and in the group prayer in primary/sunday school at church,
so i've heard.
he is a brad stalker,
watches his house for any activity,
and will go sit on the corner and wait to be invited over "to play with brad."
thank goodness for awesome neighbors}.
but cade is the one right now that he asks to play with about 50 billion times a day.
when he wakes up in the morning,
before breakfast,
after breakfast,
before lunch,
after lunch,
again after lunch,
again and again after lunch,
it's pretty much like that all day,
every day.
{and his mom tells me cade does the same thing at home too},
and they are hilarious together.
b/c all 4 year old boys are hilarious.
they are sensitive men,
who get their feelings hurt,
and say they won't be friends anymore,
then one cries,
folds their arms,
sometimes they come to me,
i send them back to each other,
and they get over it.
and so forth.
max just looks at them like they are crazy,
and they are.
three doors down, and across the street.
i swear he's going to start asking to play with him in his sleep.


Sue said...

Everybody needs a BFF.
And it doesn't hurt to have the cutest little sis in the world, either...


becca said...

aw so adorable i see future heart breakers in the making

keri said...

That is adorable. You are so so lucky that you have kids in your neighborhood for him to play with. I'd love to move one day and live in a neighborhood like that. I feel so bad for my Maddie who has zero girls around here to play with :(

Emmy said...

So lucky that he has such a good friend so close. Very lucky

Amy said...

Kids need bffs. How wonderful there are some in your neighborhood. On your street, even. And I love rye picture with Brennan's tongue poking out. It reminds me of Kiss. So funny!