"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Monday, June 4, 2012

worker bee

my rose bushes are really blooming now.
i can't wait to fill up our house with them this summer.
love my little worker bee:)
who told me on wednesday that if you pet a bee's back it will sting you.
he was speaking from personal experience
from when he escaped out the garage side door
while i was getting dressed early in the morning upstairs.
he's our earliest waker-upper,
so he gets cartoons with a milk and banana by himself downstairs,
until the rest of us rally ourselves.
sean had left early.
chase was already napping.
max was still in her beauty sleep.
might be time to put the top door locks up.
pesky little four year olds!
thinking they can come and go as they like.
{and HE KNOWS he can't}
i've gotta say,
i was just a little bit glad he got stung while he was out there.
you know?
{b/c when you do naughty things, bad things can happen}.
glad it was just a bee sting.


Sue said...

Live and learn, right?


Amy said...

Escaping preschoolers is scary! Love how independent he is, though. and self sufficient. must be very nice.